How To Hire A Sling

Unsure of how a Sling Library works?  See here!! How Does A Sling Library Work?

1.  You can come along to one of our regular sessions and try on the carrier/s you are interested in. Once you have decided what carrier/s you would like to hire we will need to take your debit or credit card details to cover the cost of the carrier should anything go wrong.  The hire fee will need to be paid in cash. Once the carrier is returned according to our terms and conditions the card details will be destroyed.

2.  By strict pre-arrangement you could collect from one of our volunteers’ homes outside of normal library opening times for an out of hours fee of £5. The out of hours fee will cover the completion of paperwork and a brief demo of the carrier you have chosen. If you fill out the paperwork online and don’t require a demonstration we will waive the out of hours fee.  Available collection locations are Hackney or Seven Sisters. The same deposit and rental fee procedure as in-library rentals will apply. You will need to allow at least one week for this to be arranged as we will need to bring the slings home with us from Wednesday’s session at Coram’s Fields. If you would like in-depth information on how to use the carrier and others, please consider using a sling consultant. This is a service we offer so please contact us for more details.

3. You will need to drop the carrier back to the place you collected it from. If this is not convenient for you, please contact us as soon as possible to arrange a drop off to a different location.

All carrier rentals are for a standard 2 weeks. You do have the option of extending your loan for an additional cost as long as no-one else has reserved the carrier after your 2 week loan period has ended. Please email us to discuss.

We offer you full support during your 2 week rental. Should you require it you can contact us by email if you are finding using your carrier uncomfortable or difficult.

Full terms and conditions apply to each rental you make. A copy will be emailed to you at the time of hire or you can view them here.

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