Library Slings – At A Glance

At a glance list of all slings held at the Bloomsbury branch of the library.  For more details information and pictures please click the sling type to go through to that dedicated page.

STRETCHY WRAPS (Recommended for Newborn to approx 8 months)

Boba Wrap x 2 (2 way stretch)

Close Parent Caboo NCT x 2 (Hybrid structured stretchy)

Close Parent Caboo Organic x 8 (Hybrid structured stretchy)

Cot2Tot (2 way stretch)

Hana Baby x 3 (2 way stretch)

Je Porte Mon Bebe (JPMBB) Original (2 way stretch)

Kari Me (2 way stretch)

Moby (1 way stretch)

WOVEN WRAPS (Recommended from birth to any age!)

Girasol – Natural Mamas diamond weave – long size 2 / short size 3

Ling Ling D’Amour – Rainbow – Size 4

Didymos – Lars – Size 5

Ellevill – Jade Lady – Size 5

Calin Bleu (gauze) – Ocean – Size 6

Didymos – Katja – Size 6

Hoppediz – Panama – Size 6

MEH DAIS/TIE ON CARRIERS (Recommended newborn to 24 months, toddler size from 18 months to 36 months)

BabyHawk x 3

Bebe Sachi baby meh dai (wrap conversion)

ByKay meh dai

DidyTai (wrap conversion)

Hoppediz Bondolino (velcro waist)

Lenny Lamb baby size meh dai (wrap conversion)

Ling Ling d’amour Maxi Tai (wrap conversion)

Marsupi Breeze

Storchenwiege Baby Carrier (half buckle wrap conversion)

SOFT STRUCTURED CARRIERS (SSCs)/BUCKLE CARRIERS (Recommended from newborn to 24 months)

Action Baby Carrier standard size

Action Baby Carrier toddler size

Beco Gemini x 2

Beco Soleil

Boba 4G

Boba Air

Catbirdbaby Pikkolo

Connecta Standard x 4

Connecta Standard with petite straps

Connecta Standard Solar x 2

Connecta Standard Solar with petite straps

Connecta Standard Wrap Version


ERGObaby 360 (velcro waist)

ERGObaby Classic x 2


Lillebaby Carry On Air

Lillebaby Complete x 2

Manduca x 5


Scootababy v3 (hip carrier)

Sleepy Nico baby size

Tula Standard

Tula Toddler

POUCH CARRIERS (Recommended 4 weeks to 24 months)

Hotslings Adjustable Pouch – La Vie en Rose


Beco Soleil infant insert

Boba Suck Pads

Boba 4G infant insert

Boba 4G stirrups

ERGObaby infant insert

Manduca Ellipse

Manduca Size It

Manduca Zip-In

Tula infant insert

Tula free to grow extenders

RING SLINGS (Recommended from newborn to any age!)

(Gathered) Hoppediz Osaka

(Gathered) Little Frog Blue Stripe

(Gathered) Wrapamore muslin ring sling

(Hybrid) Ling Ling D’Amour Dune

(Pleated) DidySling – Black and White Ellipsen

(Pleated) Lenny Lamb – Paradiso